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Charlie Lauersdorf

As a father of 6, Charlie puts family above all else. God, family, community - those are what matters most to him. Keeping his family safe is one of Charlie's most sacred duties. To that end, he is a staunch supporter of law enforcement, firefighters, and all first responders. His own brother was a police officer, who deployed to Iraq because it was safer than the streets he patrolled. As a Councilman, Charlie will do whatever it takes to ensure public safety AND the safety of police officers and firefighters is always at the forefront of the City's priorities. Safe streets bring in more business and quality jobs, which only helps the City and those that are in it - and Charlie takes that seriously.

As a U.S. Marine who has deployed 8 times, Charlie is no stranger to fighting for what matters most and is testament of his ability to face adversity and stand tall. While his deployments required immense sacrifice from him and his family, he knew what was on the line and was willing to answer the call and is once again willing to make those sacrifices for the great city he calls home.


Charlie joined the Marine Corps in 2001, just months prior to 9/11, so he is also no stranger to getting in the fight right away. Although wounded in combat in 2004, Charlie continued to answer that call time and time again and continues to serve his country as a First Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Charlie started his first business while still in high school and his entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. In 2011, after leaving active duty, he started his most recent venture here in Fort Worth, which continues to thrive.

Charlie is also a TCU graduate of the Executive MBA program, which will only be another strength he will bring to the City Council. His real-world experience, matched with his extensive education will be strengths the City of Fort Worth, and its residents, will surely benefit from.

Charlie is also a Tarrant County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and serves various local non-profits. He and his wife Amanda, an Army and High School Nurse, volunteer with numerous non-profits while also 4 children at home. 

Charlie's Priorities for District 4

Public Safety:

I will advocate for additional police & fire resources in North Fort Worth, specifically in District 4. An increase in police & fire will undoubtedly lead to faster response times and not just crime reduction, but prevention. Additional police presence will also deter street racers, intersection takeovers, and those who blatantly disregard traffic laws, putting our families at risk. 

property taxes:

As our property values skyrocket, our property taxes are increasing with it. This is unsustainable and putting a burden on too many hard-working families. My own personal property taxes have gone up exorbitantly high, so I feel the pain, too. I will work with city staff to ensure we have a sound budget, free of wasteful spending. I will not shy away from asking tough questions on why we fund programs that are either underperforming or simply not needed. I whole heartedly believe in fiscal responsibility. Before Council approves to spend money, we must ensure we are being good stewards of tax dollars. 

Currently, residential property taxes are accounting for 60% of our tax base - whereas it should be at 40%. We need to get our city back to where the commercial portion should be 60%. We do that by attracting the RIGHT businesses to Fort Worth - businesses that bring services we want and need, and that bring the right jobs - Fort Worth jobs! 

GROWTH & DEvelopment:

If you look at the district map, you'll see how densely packed District 4 is. We have very little raw land for development. While I support growth, I believe it must be done responsibly. I will ensure that developers, whether commercial or residential, are talking with the neighborhoods they want to build in to ensure they're bringing in something we want and/or need. We simply don't have room to develop for developments sake, so if there's no dialogue - there's no developing. I believe we can all work together to build beautiful housing and beautiful businesses that we, those that live here, are proud to call ours. I will only vote to approve zoning changes and projects that are respectfully planned out and where dialogue has been made. 

ROADS & INfrastructure:

While roads aren't the sexy topic you hear about in mainstream media, it's one of the items our Council needs to focus on - things that matter to all of us, every day. I will ensure that District 4 is getting the resources they need - such as re-striping of old roads, road repair, street light repair, street sweepers, and more. District 4 pays a huge chunk of the tax base and as such, we should not be forgotten and neglected. I will ensure projects are completed in a timely manner; we can't afford anymore congestion than we already have here. Clean, beautiful roads with the right traffic mitigation measures leads to a better quality of life - just what we need here in District 4. 

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